Salut, Coin Oracle here!

Nowadays, NFTs, tokens, and games have started to emerge more confidently in the blockchain world. Coin Oracle, a platform designed to support great ideas to reach their potential, all on a secure and decentralized blockchain platform. We believe Coin Oracle will be the hub to develop new projects from start to finish or rely on specific services in order to grow the project and gain momentum.

Coin Oracle started out as a way to bring people with ideas closer to people with funds. This project later developed into Mind Shop, an NFT marketplace that sells everything from art to great ideas. It was during its development when we realized the true value and place that Coin Oracle should occupy in this crypto world.

Our mission is to bring great ideas closer to reality by providing our expertise and services to people who need them most. It’s a helping hand reached out in a world where everyone tries to win for themselves.

Coin Oracle is here to offer its support to bring your project into the crypto world. From art content to social media posts, to code and general advice, Coin Oracle is here to deliver all of them.

As an overview of our features:

Development Services: include separate services that range from general consultancy to specific uses, some of which being: Unity Development, Social media posts, web development, Whitepaper writing.

The Incubator: a complete package of services tailored to every projects’ needs.

Additional services: Staking ORA, Investors’ collectable NFTs, Venture Capital, and a Launchpad to further help projects grow, at the same time rewarding our holders.

Instead of investing funds in a trial and error manner, we believe, it’s best to rely on the experience of others who have already faced, and conquered such obstacles. All the while, Coin Oracle is here to support our investors and holders by attributing a percentage of all fees and earnings to them, thus ensuring the longevity of our platform.

To great ideas and successful projects! ₍⁽⁰꒫⁰⁾₎◞❢ d(^_^)b