Coin Oracle’s — Mind.Shop Launch

Salut, Coin Oracle here!

We know it’s been a while since we last spoke. 3 months to be precise, but we have a really good reason…. Well…WE DID IT! Coin Oracle’s first incubated project, MIND.SHOP, is now live!

Our team spent the last 3 months developing this project in its entirety, from the stage of idea to full implementation. This is one of the main features of Coin Oracle: The INCUBATOR. We take projects that are at any stage of development, from mere thoughts to near-completion and we bring them closer to their full potential.

How you wonder? Well we have a team of specialists from a wide array of fields: from HR to Project management to Finance and Art. We have full stack developers, Marketeers, Writers and Music producers, everything and anything your project might need to find the right solutions! Here at Coin Oracle we believe that we can learn from other’s experience and if we had our own challenges bringing Coin Oracle from the stage of idea to its current state, others shouldn’t have to go through these same obstacles. We are here to help!

In a world that’s mainly centred around personal gain, it’s nice to find a helping hand. Some projects might not need as much advice or they wouldn’t benefit from our full range of services. That is exactly why individual services can be acquired from us: from general consultancy to UI/UX expertise, from Whitepaper writing and Token Economics explained all the way to concept art and Game Design Documents.

Other features of Coin Oracle include: Staking ORA, Coin Oracle tracking — the value that you staked follows you as long as you have the NFT, Escrow, a mobile app, the Launchpad and the venture capital platform. You can find out more about these on our website:

This, however, should be all about our first incubated project Mind.Shop. They have amazing features which include:

- The ideas NFT marketplace- where you can sell and buy ideas and services: from business to ice-breakers.

- MIND staking — their native token.

- a Wallet interaction messaging app, that will allow our users, buyers and sellers, to communicate within the purchase process

- Cross-chain: Ethereum where you will be able to trade MIND on the Ethereum blockchain

- NFT AVATARS: When a user uploads a new idea, that will go through our experts’ evaluation process and receive an initial value, an avatar, using Mind.Shop’s own ranking system. Its avatar could be, in order of rarity: Smart, Intelligent, Brilliant, Genius and Savant.

- NFTs, called MINDS, that can be collected. They will belong to corresponding sets and completing these sets will bring according rewards. Intuitively, the cards of a higher rarity will have a lower drop chance and a higher value. MINDS can be traded, sold or bought. As an added feature, they have included a reverse swap mechanism that allows a user to swap the NFT received with another one . This applies to soft-minted NFTs.

- NFT staking — Similar to token staking, holding these NFTs will bring you rewards depending on the amount of MINDS and the time period they spend in staking.

- MIND GAME — a revolutionary play to earn NFT game .It will be an arena for NFTs to fight other NFTs in a 1 v 1, 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5 formation. Both players will wager their NFT and the winner takes it all.

Mind.Shop has recently expanded their team to include more artists and developers. If you are looking for a great team to work with and are passionate about marketing, public relations, 2D/3D art and animation, web and Dapp development and appreciate quality above all else, give them a message. They are constantly looking for amazing talented people to join the team.

If you have a project that could benefit from our services, feel free to drop us a message and we’re happy to collaborate!

We want to thank you for waiting patiently and showing your constant support for Coin Oracle and our projects. Keep being your awesome selves and stay tuned to hear more about the projects we are working on!

Coin Oracle