Salut! We are Coin Oracle, a brand new type of NFT marketplace!

When we say NFTs you are probably thinking about digital art, but we are here to break that stereotype. There are so many more things that can be sold as NFTs, however, an asset that can be sold AND also has profit to bring… Now that’s an idea.

It all started with an idea, then a handful of really passionate professionals gathered to create an innovative project. The aim has always been to bring people together, those who have great ideas with those who have access to funds and are on the lookout for tomorrow’s big venture. There’s been a gap in the crypto market where this concept could fit. Coin Oracle’s real-life applications are only limited by the creativity of anybody interested.

We have built our community on our Telegram group and various social media platforms. Right now there are close to 6000 people interested and that is just on Telegram alone. I want to come back and talk about them in a bit.

We have launched our website and uploaded our Whitepaper, Marketing strategy etc. there. We prepared for the presale and had our Smart Contract audited. In terms of tokenomics, the team wallet has been locked for 6 months and we set up automatic liquidity to go on PancakeSwap. We have had several Ask Me Anything sessions on Twitch and several Youtube and Twitter promoters helped us spread the word about our platform.

Now the story of the presale weekend of our native token, ORA, is a bitter-sweet one. From an initial faulty contract that our audit failed to notice, to a redeployment of our Contract, launching the presale the next day and having to Whitelist manually the people from day 1, it was “not a good day for science”. To our surprise, the presale went out in 1 second and the growths we saw after the official launch were comparable to well-known tokens. Despite all the bumps in the road on both days, it all went well because our community is simply awesome.

We keep saying that we would be nothing without the community and this weekend proved exactly that! They presented us with their solutions and suggestions, they continued to show their support for our project and reassured us that we are in this together. We promised we would be transparent and that’s what we did. No matter what happens on this journey, we’ll keep doing that. We learned a lot from them and we tried to listen. In return, the community has shown dedication, openness, fairness and an incredibly positive attitude. We want to thank you all for being just that way, we bow in front of you!

Where we need help

With the native token live, our well-defined plans for the future are ready to begin. For these upcoming weeks, we have started to develop the NFT platform both as a design and in terms of functionality.

The Alpha version of our native platform

We want to maintain engaging the community and implementing our marketing strategy to ensure growth in the number of people who know about us.

We think that this platform has great potential to be sustainable and relevant as a venture, with a lot of impact on the business and crypto markets. We plan to not just sit back and provide the opportunity for others to collaborate. We want to be part of it and help businesses we believe in with our advice on anything from fund-raising to promoting it and managing it. We also are committed to give back to the community (though we never imagined we would start with a Whitelist :D ) and help out charity ideas that present potential. More about these features, the NFT marketplace, our Incubator and Patronage, can be found in our Whitepaper.

Our native token ORA will be used to make transactions on the platform, thus giving it its own path to grow and increase its value. We don’t plan to sell any of our tokens anytime soon.

To do all the things above we need the continued support of anyone interested, whether they are holders who want to see where their tokens can bring value, Social Media influencers who want to collaborate on the promotion of Coin Oracle or maybe even investors who would like to learn more about who we are and how Coin Oracle itself is tomorrow’s big venture. If you are interested, if you want to get in touch, we are always available on Telegram, Twitter or at . Great to meet you!

Until we get to a running live NFT marketplace, with all our features listed in the Whitepaper, with a large team of passionate and capable people working to bring Coin Oracle to its rightful place in the crypto world, with funds and a lot of smiles in the public when they hear the words “Coin Oracle”, we will work hard. We’ll keep our values and high standard for quality, we’ll keep this project alive and running for many years. Wish us luck, join us if you’re brave and revolutionary and let’s start changing the world together, one idea at a time!

Best of luck and if you guys need help with your venture, hit us up! We are happy to help!

What if you wanted to market something more ethereal? Such as merely an idea? How about even just an incomplete idea, a fraction so to speak?