Hello! Coin Oracle here, and this is the weekly update:

What we have done so far: We have launched our native token ORA, and it has seen an organic development, mainly dependant on the overall price of the current market. We have been listed on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and BscScan. Some new members have joined our team in the Art department, Web Development, Marketing and Solidity development. They are already working on our newest projects.

What we are working on: As some may have seen from our Telegram and Twitter posts (and if you haven’t, make sure to join and follow us for the latest updates), our developers are building the alpha platform of our marketplace, Mind.shop, where business ideas and services can be sold and purchased as NFTs. We have asked our community to submit ideas, real ones that will go live when the platform is ready, or just example ideas that we can use to showcase how the platform will look and behave in its initial stages. The form through which you can submit ideas can be found on our website: coin-oracle.io. The main advantage for those who want to submit ideas now, compared to once it will go live, is that now it’s completely FREE. After the launch of Mind.shop, there will be a small fee for submitting ideas to discourage people from spamming it with listings.

We are developing two new projects simultaneously: one which will involve VR and one for the gamers and collectors out there :) We’ll share more about these two projects in the upcoming posts as more progress is made on them. They will be EPIC! Just like these two ideas, yours can go through our Incubator feature to be developed into fully functional projects. They start out as promising ideas and using our teams’ experts advice they can grow, be promoted and funded further. All our projects will be tied using the native token ORA.

Following our marketing strategy, we have been growing our presence on Social media and doing our best to keep the community up to date with all of our latest developments. We plan to target more promoters, YouTube channels, gamers, and service providers and find ways to increase our reach. part of this goal, we are launching some giveaways for the people in our community. This giveaway has the sole purpose of increasing exposure and adoption of our brand. The winners will be selected randomly and awarded prizes specialised to each giveaway.

Oh, I almost forgot! The art team is also working on updating our website to better showcase who we are and what we do. We are preparing a high quality presentation video to showcase what Coin Oracle is all about. This way, it will be easier to reach more people, easier to share on a variety of platforms. Until then, if you are unsure what we are all about, here is a brief explanation:

This is what this week’s work was mainly about. Stay tuned for our next updates, subscribe, join, follow, tag along!

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